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Inserito il 12 ottobre 2014 alle 17:33:38 da Anonimo.  0/5
I was very disappointed when I reeviecd the basket. I contacted Drive Medical and they admitted that the dimensions were incorrect and that I could return it to Amazon. What a waste of my time! Wish Drive Medical would have answered my questions when I originally contacted them about the basket. Poor customer service.
Inserito il 14 ottobre 2014 alle 01:14:12 da Anonimo.  0/5
*Me listening to this at 2 AM*Bro: TURN THAT FUCKING SHIT DOWN! D:One of the most <a href="">popualr</a> bands around for decadesNot saying I don't love Green Day or that? you're dumb, just that that statement is sorta wrong
Inserito il 16 ottobre 2014 alle 11:54:20 da Anonimo.  0/5
ruff ruff.. please fovigre me ... my big hands are a bit too big to touch on the keyboard... I need to ask Jei Jei to help. I really want to raise the invitation personally but I can't ruff ruff.. Trust me I am sincere.. can we go for a ride tmr ... princesses of Prince Edward (I do not cover up . in fact I am the 'Siu Bar Wong' of Kowloon Tong) [url=]bpawoyvqbl[/url] [link=]pyajijjhjo[/link]

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